Chapter 1 : All Jammed Up (Pre-Season 1) Edit

Cutscene: On the highway to Atlanta, your car engine overheats then dies.

Mission 1: Battle Tutorial - Given by Shane.

Mission 2: Camp Supplies - Given by Greg.

Mission 3: Setting up Defenses - Given by Kara.

Mission 4: Helping a Friend - Given by Ed.

Mission 5: Never Enough Food - Given by Greg.

Mission 6: Powering the Camp - Given by Shane.

Mission 7: T-Dog's Missing Friend - Given by T-Dog.

Mission 8: Where's Uncle Jesse - Given by Summer.

Mission 9: Getting a Mechanic - Given by Shane.

Mission 10: The Missing Teddy Bear - Given by Summer's Mom.

Mission 11: Summer's Missing Mom - Given by Lori.

Mission 15: What Happened to the Army Again - Given by Joe.

Mission 16: Growing Hungry - Given by Greg.

Mission 17: Summer's Missing Dad - Given by Summer.

Mission 18: Help T-Dog - Given by T-Dog.

Mission 19: Summer's Dad Part 2 - Given by Lori.

Mission 20: Ammo for Camp Guards - Given by Shane.

Mission 21: No News is Not Good News - Given by Shane.

Mission 22: Track Down the Thief - Given by Shane.

Mission 23: Keeping Out the Herds - Given by Kara.

Mission 24: Help the Mechanic Help You - Given by Joe.

Mission 25: You Always Need a Flashlight - Given by Ed.

Mission 26: Getting Some News - Given by Shane.

Mission 27: Making the Radio Work - Given by Greg.

Mission 28: Secure the Watchtower - Given by Kara.

Mission 29: Helping T-Dog - Given by T-Dog.

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